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Bunny Buddy Breeders

Rabbit/Bunny Sale Terms:

  • Bunnies are booked in advance by paying a 50% deposit to reserve your bunny. We cannot hold a bunny for you without a deposit.
  • Final 50% is due on collection.
  • If using the Pet Courier Service, the final 50% for the bunny as well as the courier fee needs to be paid a week before the Courier trip is scheduled to leave. This is when we book the rabbits in with the Pet Courier Service. Courier dates might change slightly from time to time but we will inform you of this as soon as we are made aware of it.
  • Deposits or full payments are strictly non-refundable unless the bunny dies or gets sick in our care at Bunny Buddy Breeders.
  • If the bunny dies or gets sick while with Bunny Buddy Breeders and the buyer chooses to replace it with another bunny, the non-refundable deposit or full payment is reinstated.
  • Once the bunnies leave the farm they are the responsibility of the buyer and/or the courier.
  • Bunnies do not leave our farm without being paid for in full.
  • If the bunny dies while in our care we will offer a replacement or refund your payment.
  • If the bunny dies or gets sick in transit with the courier this will need to be taken up with them. We ensure that all bunnies are healthy and fit for travel when they leave our farm.
  • You are welcome to send your own Pet Courier Service, as long as the bunny is paid for in full before leaving the farm.
  • Bunnies bought from Bunny Buddy Breeders are all purebred rabbits and you will receive a digital certificate when you buy a bunny from us.
  • When you collect your bunny from us we will bring the bunny out for you, but for reasons of disease control and security, no one is permitted into the rabbitry.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to sell a bunny to anyone. If you have not yet paid a deposit, we have the right to refuse to sell to you without explanation. If you *have* paid a deposit (or in full), we will refund your money or offer you a replacement if your bunny dies or gets sick in our care.
  • FOR COLLECTIONS: If the buyer has paid a deposit or in full and fails to collect the bunny within 1 week of the agreed-upon pick-up date, the sale will be canceled and the buyer forfeits payment (provided no other arrangements have been made). If the buyer can not be contacted or has not given a definite date for pick-up, the sale will be canceled one week after the bunny is due to leave. All payments made will be forfeited, and the buyer will receive a notice of cancellation.
  • The Buyer is responsible for the bunny to be kept in appropriate conditions for its health and welfare and will be fed a suitable diet.
  • If the buyer changes their mind after sending a deposit, their hold on the bunny will be canceled and the buyer forfeits the deposit.

Customers (Breeding):

  • If a customer buys a male and female from us you need to inform us if you intend to breed with them and get our permission to do so. If permission is not given further action will be taken against the customer. We recommend that you neuter your bunnies at the correct age to avoid breeding.
  • If a customer does breed with our rabbits (with permission) the customer is not allowed to use our business name to promote selling the babies. If a customer does use our business name to do so further action will be taken against the customer.


  • Bunnies are R1450 each. Strictly no refunds.
  • The Courier Fee is R650 for anywhere in South Africa (excluding a few areas). You also have the option to send your own Pet Courier.

Our Online Shop:

  • The Online Shop is separate from the farm. The Courier for online shop items is also separate from the Pet Courier. We cannot send items with the Pet Courier as they only transport pets.
  • The Online Store has a separate Courier who will deliver to your home for a fee of R99, or if you are collecting your bunny, you can collect your items at the same time as the items will be sent to the farm free of charge. (a ‘Collect from Farm’ Option is at checkout on the online shop, this is only for buyers collecting their bunnies from our farm)
  • Please place order 10 days before collecting or receiving your bunny.
  • No refunds can be given on shop items, however, if an item arrives at your home damaged someone will be sent to collect and replace it. Damaged items must be photographed and reported immediately or they cannot be exchanged.
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