How to build trust with your new pet rabbit

Building Trust with your Netherland Dwarf or Jersey Wooly Bunny

  • Give them space and time to adjust to their new environment.
  • Approach them slowly and calmly, speaking softly and avoiding sudden movements.
  • Offer them treats, such as small pieces of fruit or vegetables, to associate positive experiences with your presence.
  • Spend time near their enclosure, talking to them and providing gentle petting if they seem comfortable with it.
  • Avoid picking them up or handling them too much in the beginning, allowing them to come to you on their own terms.
  • Be consistent in your interactions with them, establishing a routine and providing regular care and attention.
  • Provide them with toys and activities to keep them mentally stimulated and happy.
  • Respect their boundaries and never force them to interact with you if they seem uncomfortable or scared.


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