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Netherlands Dwarf Bunny
Netherlands Dwarf Bunny
Netherlands Dwarf Bunny

Netherland dwarf bunnies come in various colours

Netherland dwarf bunnies are not evolved species, they have been developed by cross-breeding. These bunnies are also called polish rabbits and are very small in size.

They make great pets, as they are small and cuddly cute pets. Even a fully grown adult rabbit grows up to a small size.

Netherland dwarf rabbits are found in various colors and patterns because of cross-breeding.

Here are various types of Netherland dwarf bunnies and the colours and shades they come in.

Solid Colors

These cute bunnies are seen in solid colors of black, blue, chocolate, lilac (pale purple color), blue-eyed white as well as ruby-eyed white.

Shaded Colors

Shaded colors of Netherland dwarf bunnies are Siamese smoke pearl, Siamese sable, and sable point. A sable point can have some parts of a rich sepia brown colour, however, the body fur is of a rich creamy shade. Siamese sable has the head, back, ears, outside of the legs, and top of the tail in rich sepia brown color, while most of the body is of a similar lighter color. Siamese smoke pearl has its head, ears, and outside the leg of a dark smoked gray color, while the rest of the body is of a pearly gray.

Agouti Colors

The various agouti colors are chinchilla, lynx, chestnut, and squirrel.

Chestnut bunny has top and sides of a light brown shade which is ticked at places with jet black. There are also some patches of light orange present on the fur.

Chinchilla has top and sides of a pearl white which is ticked with some jet black.

Lynx has top and sides of the body of a pale purple color which looks blended with light gray-brown.

Squirrel has top and sides of the body of blue shade mixed with white.

Opal comes in a grayish overcoat on a light gray-brown coat.

Tan Patterns

Tan pattern types of dwarf Netherland dwarfs are; tan, otter, silver, marten, smoke pearl marten, and sable marten.

One can find otters of black, blue, lilac, or chocolate shades.

Sable marten has a light sepia color on the body, with an undercoat of white.

Black silver martin is of a rich shiny gray-blue.

Black tan is mostly black in color with an undercoat of light brown, similarly, chocolate tan is chocolate in color with an undercoat of light brown.

Pointed White

(Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac).  Also called “Californian” or “Himalayan”.


Steel (Gold and Silver Tipped Varieties), Silver and D’Argent (Champagne and Creme).

Wide Band

Fawn, Orange, Red and Frosted Pearls (Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Sable, Smoke Pearl).

Marked and Others

Broken (Normal, Charlie, and Booted), Vienna Marked, Dutch, Hotot, Harlequin and Tri-Colors.

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